Victor Golden Valley Savannas

Quality Fullblood & Percentage Savannas Since 2007  


VGV Dalia Y4

( DNA-S )

 100% Fullblood Savanna Doe

Date of Birth:  4/14/14

VGV Evadne Y6

( DNA-S )

100% Fullblood Savanna Doe

Date of Birth:  4/21/15


VGV DALIA & VGV EVADNE are very productive 4C VICTOR'S Y8 daughters out of one of the first fullblood savanna does we ever purchased.  WHISPER was a consistent highly fertile dam that produced kids till the age of 13.  Never missing a beat she always produced kids stacked with growth and performance.  Her productivity and longevity are carried on in our herd thru these 2 daughters, grand-daughters and great grand-daughters.  

DALIA & EVADNE'S sire is 4C VICTOR'S Y8 going back to 

KERI ROSE 688 & WW E05.  

He was a big, long correct Savanna Buck that was used on our 

fullblood boer goat herd and our first fullblood savanna does. 

He was a consistent producer on no matter what he was bred to.  

He produced 338 kids for us during his lifetime.  

All had 1x1 teats and were solid white with black pigment.